Flexiteek – Synthetic teak

Inventor & leader in synthetic teak deck coverings


Flexiteek was founded in 2000 with the ambition of revolutionizing traditional decking. By extruding PVC slats, Flexiteek has created an innovative synthetic material that looks remarkably like teak wood. It also offers a significant technological advance on the market in terms of performance.

Flexiteek’s owner, Anders Wilhelmsen Sr, is a Norwegian entrepreneur with a strong heritage in shipping. Flexiteek has drawn on his expertise to design high-performance products that meet the requirements of leading boat builders.


Flexiteek has never stopped pushing technological boundaries and consolidating its leadership position. After two years of Research & Development, the introduction of Flexiteek 2G in 2014 set a new benchmark for high-end alternatives to teak, solving the problem of heat transfer and reducing its weight.

Flexiteek 2G sold today is an aesthetic, durable, high-performance decking. It’s available in over 30 color combinations, making it possible to design a custom deck covering. It can be used on all types and sizes of boat, from RIBs to Super Yachts, whether new or undergoing renovation.


Flexiteek synthetic flooring is a first-generation PVC made from phthalate-free plasticizers and is 100% recyclable. At first sight or touch, no one would imagine it wasn’t wood.

But unlike teak, Flexiteek decking is UV-stabilized and requires no waterproofing maintenance or costly, time-consuming upkeep. The heat-welded assembly technique ensures long-lasting watertightness of the panels.

Flexiteek synthetic cladding is patented and comes with a 5-year material warranty.


Bonaventura Yachting, Distributor & Installer of Flexiteek cladding in France, has earned the trust of many yachting industry professionals and boat owners.

The company, founded by Rémi Campan, is based near La Rochelle, where it has an assembly workshop of over 800m² dedicated to the manufacture of Flexiteek panels.

When you order a Flexiteek deck covering, we design it specifically for your boat and manufacture it to your specifications.


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